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Shining Sun provides full support and idea to start your own matrimony website. business who don’t required any large investment on office and infrastructure. we will make your matrimony website with your own brand. and will give you full support to run your business successfully.

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Matrimony Website Details

How you get income from Matrimony website

a) Membership Income

Membership revenues are traditional form of revenues. It is still major revenue source & it leads the list. Our software helps to create membership packages based number of days & number of contacts need to be offered. You can keep membership fees for all groom and bride as per your choice starting from 100 to 10,000 which is your direct source of income.

b) Enhancement income

This is non traditional form of income & is available in online website model only. This offered an enhancement or differentiation when people are making search in the matrimonial website. sponsored, bold, color enhancement, verified profile are few of them.

c) Banner income

This is non traditional medium of generating income with matrimonial website. Our website script has been designed to accommodate easy integration of banners may it be third party networks like your related business partner like mandaap decoration, caters, photographer, beautician and many more.

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